Day 1 – New Things!

23 May 2011


So, here goes. My first day.

We just moved into the new flat, and it is fabulous, to say the least. I’m in love with our room and I’ve always loved my roommate! So, it’s a bonus for me. The view from my window is simply superb at night. I feel like, I’m back in Mumbai. The buildings, the lights. And yesterday, the weather in hot and sultry Delhi was also amazing. It was extremely pleasant and it rained.

And, and, and… New activa too!! I got a red activa! and I love it! I love the independence having a two wheeler gives me. So, up till now my day has been pretty good. Looking forward to tonight. There is a huge chance, that you my friend can get updated! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

249 more to go!


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