Day 2 – Routine and Fun!

24 May 2011

I have been wanting to start a routine for quite sometime now. Sleep on time, wake up on time. SO, I’m liking it. I only hope this remains for a very long time.

You know when you meet someone new, but it feels like you have known that person from aages? Yesterday I met someone like that. Adorable that she was, I felt connected immediately. I know its too early to say something concrete. I also know that talking about it will probably jeopardize the whole thing. But I’m willing to take the risk.

There was a time, when I had more friends who are boys than girls. It was difficult for me to have many friends who are girls. The last 3 Years have changed things and how. First, it started with me Joining IBM. I met such wonderful people there, and girls who I could be friends with. Then I moved to Mumbai where again. office was so much fun with the girls/women I met there, and later on when I moved into the flat with four other girls. Then I moved to Delhi, and lived in Noida in this fabulous home with two people who were angels in my life. Now, as I moved to another place, this time 6 girls living together in a fantastic house and an even better society. Its only been 3 days, but its been fun three days. Especially yesterday. The person, I mentioned earlier in the post, is one of my new flat-mates.

I might be talking a lot, about them in posts to come. Its a wonderful feeling having one of your closest friends as your roommate, and wonderful house-mates.

I miss my old home, I miss my friends there, I miss all the fun I had with them, I miss mumbai, the people and the fun, and I miss Bangalore, my parents, my brother and my home. But I sleep with a smile on my face, and that, is a wonderful feeling!

248 More to go! 😀


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