Day 3: Mini Roller Coaster

25 May 2011

Day 3 was nice in the morning, horrible in the evening and awesome at night. Enough explanation for the title I suppose.

I’m loving the routine. I feel good about getting up early everyday. Moving homes, resulted in moving offices. And, as I am a mobile employee of sorts, I can work from any office location. The new office location is nice, vibrant and more fun than the previous office I used to frequent. However, I don’t know the people around 😦 and so was lonely, but with loads of work. I was done with all my work at 5:30, and was ready to leave. But then, I got a call about some changes in some bid, and had to stay back for more time. Once I was done with that at about 7, I waited for 15 more minutes for updates. I then got up to leave, and reached the parking, when I got another call. And as usual, it was URGENT! The word has lost all meaning.

So, grumbling like a bear, I came back to Office to finish up with the “urgent” work. I even grumble-tweeted! And a friend was sweet enough to lift my hopes up.

Then, I was done with the so-called-urgent work, which was not really urgent, and there were sooo many people who could have done it. God knows why they wanted only ME to do it. Once Done, After about 45 minutes, I was getting ready to leave office again. And guess what happened when I sat on my bike, and took it out of parking? I got another call to do some other urgent work. I said I’d do it after I reached home; but they wanted it immediately [as usual!] I stood there, and grumble-tweeted again and decided not to go back! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

And, then reached home, finished the work as soon as I could, and sent it!

Going back home is sort of fun everyday, thanks to the roommates! I get to hear, talk and discuss loads of things. Since, all of them, are pursuing a leadership programme in HR and Business Administration, I get to hear lot of new interesting things. What a Caliper Test is, how it helps which I’ll probably do some research and post some day soon.

The night was lovely, the breeze by the window, the music in the wind, the conversation about Bangalore, and other people and things. To actually have a open conversation, I felt like it had been aages since I talked this much. I went to sleep with a huge smile! πŸ™‚

All’s well that ends well, eh? πŸ˜‰

Done with Day 3.

246 more, to go!


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