Day 4 – Eye Candy, Rain and Friends!

26 May 2011

I think I’m going to stop talking about the routine. I also think, I’m going to stick to it. So, yaay me!

Most good guys, are either already married, taken or gay. This discussion began when we were discussing, the need for eye candy in workplaces or colleges etc. You don’t need to be single to admire good looking people, right? I don’t want to talk about good looking people. I’ll stick to interesting people. People you can talk to, laugh, and have fun. And when the good guy is taken, he sometimes becomes a little bit more interesting. I am confused, I can’t write, what I’m trying to say, so, I’ll just shift the angle.

You meet a interesting person, and later find out that they are married/ taken. Why is it that, the persons spouse, always seems inadequate? That feeling, like he/she could have been with someone much better. The whole concept of love being blind probably comes to picture. Or, sometimes, its just arranged!

I’ll narrow it down to one situation. A good looking man, who’s also interesting and intelligent. His wife, not so much. None of those. So, gossip/random discussions will lead you to discuss (A) if you know the girl: How the hell did she land up with this guy? Isn’t she insecure, about a spouse that good? -or- (B)if you know the guy: Why is he with that girl? Couldn’t he find someone better? Maybe he’s the possessive kind, and doesn’t want other men to letch over his woman! The chances of any third person being involved reduces a lot. My point here was, either partner, if looking for someone outside the relationship, has almost equal chances of getting the third person, if they tried. Not equal, in any given scenario, the woman always has the higher probability of finding that someone else. [The probability for her looking for someone else is also very low, but if we negate that]. So, it doesn’t really matter if the guy is a stud or a dud! ( and ya, same goes with women 😉 ) If they want to cheat, they will! Erm, how did the conversation start from eye candy and end up at infidelity? Close knit ties these. Need to stay away! 😉 🙂 ❤

These thoughts were in my head all morning. One of my very good friends (One of the guys), who was also with me in Mumbai, got through NMIMS, Mumbai. And, is now in Delhi to stay with his folks for a couple of weeks, before session starts. Now, getting through NMIMS is not a easy feat, so… Party toh banta tha! [It was a party-worthy occasion].

There was also another plan on the agenda, and that had to happen before the party. It started raining, when I left office, and I got drenched while riding my bike. Bad. I got delayed [I should have left office early, but as always I mis-calculated, and didn’t keep room for delays like rain or metro stopping between station! ] [And yes, both happened!!] . Good. I missed Bangalore like crazy. I have gotten drenched on my activa so many times back home, that my 10-15 min ride to the metro station was nice. I knew I was getting late, but I couldn’t not think about Bangalore, Sadashivnagar in the rains. aah! Ok, now back to the Bad. I was terribly late, and the evening didn’t turn out as planned. 😦 The location of the Party was changed, nevertheless, we had a fab time. It was like how days were in Mumbai. We spoke and made fun of each other. And then when my darling roommate-n one of the best people I’ve known by far- came, after her day long classroom sessions, it was back to Bangalore again. Thats how things had started. Thats how we’d grown to be the friends we are.


I love these images! I love the fact that we could be together for these pictures! [and] I love my iPod for these effects!






And, after a fun fun evening, I came back to home, for a couple of more hours of gossip and laughter, happiness and sharing. The weekend is almost here, and I’m unable to decide what it is that I really want to do! Lets see how they unfold. More so, Lets see how the remaining 246 Days unfold!


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