Day 5 – Work, Party and Daddy!

27 May 2011

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?

What about all play and no work?

Yesterday was a good day. We finally got wi-fi. The highlight of yesterday was “Fresher’s Party”. It was a combination of send off party for the seniors and a fresher’s for the new join-ees. The plan was to see Pyar Ka Punchnama again, after the party. But plans, as usual, changed. And we ended up going to a real good place with wonderful music and food. So, all in all, it was decent.

When I see people at work, some of them who have stayed in the organization for the longest time, are those people who don’t do anything but work! They come to office at 8:30 in the morning, and stay till about 9 in the evening, or wee hours in the night, only to come back next day. Do, they really have no other thing to do? People should work, to earn their living and live a lifestyle they want to. People stay in office all day, and probably feel bad, why office is shut on Saturday n Sunday? I always wonder why? Are they duds and don’t have anything else to do or..?

Then, I thought of my dad. He works 7 days a week. All day long. There might be so much he wants to do, but going to the Clinic every morning to see people all day long, with a break for lunch n stuff, and then back to clinic in the evening to only come back home by 10:30 – 11. I know, there is so much he wanted to do. He was one of the student body captains in school and college, he used to take part in Dramatics, and almost ll sports, and he was one of the academically better people in his class.  He was one of those, who in his time, joined the best engineering college in Bangalore, only to realize, physics, chemistry are subjects he has already done, and didn’t want to re-do, so, one week later, goes ahead and joins the best Medical college in Bangalore. Today for a student to get admission in one of the these colleges is a big thing, and in both, and then having to chose, kinda impossible.

He’s one of the smartest people I know. No, not because he’s my dad. Because he is. He is such a voracious reader. Every time I go back home, his book-shelf would have an addition of at-least 5-8 books.  And, he knowing me, my caliber, my thoughts, my current situation in life, would have bookmarked certain pages in a couple of books, which would force me to think, and better my small little world. I love it when he does that. I have never told him this ever, but whenever he brings down the books from his room, and gives me folded pages and highlighted lines, I feel so very loved. So cared for. For a girl who’s living away from home, I know, that he constantly worries about me. He knows my temperament,  and how I would react to situations. And we have those discussions. We talk about everything, every social issue. Like, suppose, we’re watching a news channel, and a show similar to We the People or The Big Fight . The issues creep into our living room, and it suddenly becomes personal. More often than not, my dad and I have views that always are polar opposite. So, the discussions become arguments. And it’d go on for hours together. The outcome of these isn’t much, but the fact that, I can talk to dad, the way I do, is just wow! He’ll want to know every single thing my brother and I have done. And, in a good way. He wants us to do things we’re passionate about. He knows no other way than to excel in whatever he’s doing, and he expects the same from us. He’s a guide, a friend, a role model. I love him! There are times, when the argumentswe have turn ugly, and I get upset with him for not understanding my point of view, but, most of the times, he is right. I take the other stand sometimes, only so that we can have the arguments we do. And to get him to agree on one of my funda’s or views is like climbing a big icy mountain. But the days that happens, I am on cloud nine. No. Even higher! 😀 He wants us to excel so much, that, I live in a constant worry, of probably, I’m disappointing him. In a discussion we were having, I happened to mention that, and from that day onwards, he’s been telling me, how proud he is of what I have done, and how much he’ll love me whatever I chose to do.

He wants me to go back home. Stay with him and be daddy’s little girl again, not the big responsible girl I’m here. Lol. He wants me to be the responsible girl back home. I know, he wants me to come back. But he would never tell me that. The choice of staying away from home, was not a decision thrown on me, but was sort of a choice. I feel, he’ll always be upset, that I made the choice of moving away, and today, I’m making the choice of staying away. I wouldn’t have become who I am today, If I hadn’t. I love it. The guilt will probably stay with me forever, but someday he’ll understand, that this was something I had to do. I owe my life to him. And mom. Mom deserves a post of her own, and I’m not going to say more about her here. *love u ma*

245 More to go!


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