Day 8 – Inspired!

30 May 2011.

The inspiration behind this project of mine, writing for 250 days till I turn 25, was Shilpa Krishnan.  So, I was going through her blog, the initial posts in particular, because to write everyday, when nothing really is happening, is sort of a challenge. And since she’s my inspiration, I kinda look up to her. And, I was so glad, that she went through a sort of a similar phase

The difference is, she’s in a fabulous job, with lot of all around the world travelling, and making movies and plays. I am doing none of these, and my life isn’t even close to the interesting life she lives. I’m just doing the best I can.

Well, when she came across a similar situation, one of her friends told her about Jamie Livingston. Between March 31, 1979 and October 25, 1997, the day of his death, he took a single picture nearly every day with a Polaroid Camera. Every Single Day. He died of cancer, and even in those last days, he took pictures. The Pictures He took for 18 Years – And more about him –  Here!

I am so blown by this person, and his zest, hope, faith and determination.

On a completely different tangent, I love clicking photographs too! What I love more, is archiving them, to folders with dates and details. It always helps in remembering good times with loved ones. So, this sudden brain wave struck me. Why shouldn’t I also add a photograph – either one I clicked or one I’m in for the rest of my posts. Not a bad idea, huh? 😀 😉

Traffic Hearts!

I wanted to try reducing the shutter speed, and clicking in manual mode. I am an amateur photographer, with a friend’s DSLR. I have been wanting to buy one for such a long time, but I guess, the time hasn’t come yet. I will, hopefully before my next birthday! And I’ll obviously update it here first!! 😀 Till then, my friend’s DSLR and my point and shoot / blackberry / iPod should be sufficient! 😉


242 Days to go!


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