Day 9 – Happy People!

31 May 2011.

I woke up in good spirits today. Something told me the day was going to be good. 🙂

morning tweet!

I went to office early, and was done with almost all my work in a couple of hours. Post lunch time, I met him. He came to office to pick me up, and we went out. We had some pending work to do, like getting extra beans for the bean bag and new curtains for the room. They’ll be arriving tomorrow, and I’m super excited about them. So, probably tomorrow’s picture will be the curtains. yaay!!

Then, we went mall hopping. And did fun stuff together. It had been a long time, since we did fun stuff together. It felt good, after aages. Then, he wanted me to go to his house, to check the renovation, and the new paint lights and to decide what curtains to get for his. I feel so domesticated. Waking up early, making breakfast, buying curtains, and deciding curtains for others.

Then, I spoke to mom. I was really happy and wanted to talk nice nice things with her, but she had a completely different agenda planned for our conversation. I haven’t spoken much about her, but she’s not the person, who’ll get angry and shout. She’s the calm, serene factor in my life, that I need, in times of crisis, or when I’m living this far away, at all times. The fault is mine. I promised her something, and am not able to deliver. Its not that I don’t want to deliver, its just that, there’s so much happening, that I’m unable to accommodate and do complete justice to the promise. I asked her for time, but I don’t know why, today she seemed like she lost on patience. This happens very very very rarely and ideally I should be real afraid about it. But, today I reacted. Badly.[I know I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t help it.] Sorry Mom, I love you. Really. Today shouldn’t have been the day this happened. Because after a very long time, I wanted to discuss happy stuff with her.

I came back home, grumbling in my head, that this shouldn’t have happened at the end of today, but this stopped me from increasing it, and made me smile instead. After dinner, and a good happy stroll post dinner, I sat in front of my thinkpad, to do some writing, o Face-booking, and other things. And saw, my very dear friend commented this on my original blog [on blogger <3] :

comment on blogger

This totally made my day/night. This friend a someone who is very dear to me. I am extremely fond of him, and have wonderful memories of time spent wit him. So, when this comment came, I was caught unaware, and felt good.

One more happy thing that happened today, was my favorite cousin replied to my tweet. He is no short of a celebrity, and anything coming from him is etched on stone. 😛 Ok. ya. I am exaggerating. But ya, he is very important to me, and so the tweet made me smile like a school kid!

Things with mom will hopefully settle soon. I can’t stay upset with her for long, love her too much to do that!

Today’s Picture will be one of Mom n Me! 😀

Mom, me at the Mumbai counter at Kingdom of dreams, Gurgaon! One of my favorite pics!

my fave KOD pic!


241 more to go!


2 thoughts on “Day 9 – Happy People!

  1. Hmm again.. How could you be at loggerheads with your Mom if you can play Hide n Seek with her under the Mumbai sign? (or is it sun?) I missed this post and others. just picked on Sat’s.. But I think I know why I chose to sit with you on the Metro that day in March!! You have Potential!! Keep it up. Long words.. short message.. you are good!!

    1. 🙂 🙂 you can be at loggerheads with only someone you love, right? 🙂 That is the Mumbai Sign at Kingdom Of Dreams in Gurgaon, I remember mentioning that to you, on our metro journey to Barakhambha road! And thank you soo soo soo much for the compliment!! Also, I’m more interested in the creative writing activity that you mentioned in your previous comment. 🙂

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