Day 13 – D3, Mocha and Flash!!

04 June 2011.

Weekend arrived! First thing I did was caught up on some much required sleep! 🙂

I love dance, and everything that has to do with Dance. I was an avid follower of Dance India Dance, a dance reality show which aired on Zee TV. Season 2 was more close to my heart than 1 because, I followed it very regularly. I even downloaded some of the Dances, to watch on a daily basis. Just FYI – this was my favorite performance –

Since I don’t watch TV these days, I didn’t know about this show called D3- Dil, Dostii, Dance! This show has the two performers of the video above as the main characters of a college Drama and Dance. When I heard about it, I wanted to see what its all about. Thanks to the internet, I sat and saw most episodes of the series – 24 episodes! Its a cute show, and if I was in college, then I would probably follow the show on a regular basis, but I’m not. The fact that the show portrays teenage love is understandable, but every episode has atleast 15 minutes of a boy and a girl looking into each other’s eyes and a love song in the background!! Nothing has changed..! The way people make television series has remained the same! 😉

The day proceeded to us going to one of my favorite cafe-hookah joints in Delhi – Mocha! Like its tag line- Coffee and Conversations – I had a good time with friends there. The Panini’s were yum! and So was my Rocky Road Shake!! Wish I had taken pictures yesterday! 😦

We then crashed at a friend’s place where we were having a tough time deciding on what to do – The options were plenty:

  1. Go to Cibo for a party!
  2. Go to Karim’s to eat yummy sheer mal and kheema
  3. Go to watch Hangover II
  4. Go to watch Kung Fu Panda II
  5. Go to watch Pirates Of the Caribbean – On stranger tides
  6. Go to watch Pyaar Ka Punchnama – Again!!
  7. Go to Murthal/Manesar/Karnal – Just for a long drive!

And, what we did was – called in food from Saleem’s and played Flash! 😀 In other words Teen Patti! It was good fun! After a long time!! 🙂

So, all in all, the day was jam packed! That’s how weekends are supposed to be, no? 😉

p.s: My new Red n Black curtains!! – Forgive me for the quality of the image – iPod in bad light! I still love it!!

My new Curtains!

We had been to this place called Claridges sometime in February! And in it, a place called The Dhabha!! The colors at that place and the feel, and the ambiance was amazing! The picture I’m posting today, is just one of the inspiring images that plays with colors in a pretty way!!

Colors at Claridges!

🙂 237 Days To Go!!


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