Day 14 – OMG!!

05 June 2011.

I woke up this morning, to a comment on Facebook on my BlackBerry, which was posted on one of my post posts -if that made sense, good! – from Shilpa!! Yes, The Shilpa! I was like wooohoooo!! I showed all friends around me, the comment, and logged into a friend’s laptop, to see,  if Shilpa’s Day 561 was posted!! Its become a routine these days! And to my surprise, she had actually mentioned me and my project in her blog!! How sweet is that! 🙂 That totally made my day today, and in my head, I decided that this is what Day 14 was going to be about!

Then, I read comments on the blog, from someone I met in the metro rail one sunny day in March. Sneh [such a lovely name, isn’t it!]! Sneh reminded me of my mom a lot, because of this other lady in the Metro, who forgot to get down at her stop, and realised 4 stations later because she was marketing her own restaurant. Sneh, spoke to me about lot of interesting things she does in life, and more so, the interesting people she meets, all around the world. When I told her I’d worked for IBM, she told me stories about her initial job in the bank, and then after she moved to Canada, how she was involved in SAP and other technology.

Remember, I said, she reminded me of my mom? She had a sweet smile, and a very giving nature. But when she started telling me about her life, I was so intrigued and impressed with her personality, that I felt so glad for meeting her. I was even happy when she said, Why don’t you add me on Facebook! I usually don’t add people I don’t really know, but I had to add her! She had told me, she’d be going back to Canada in a few days from the day I met her. So, I knew, meeting her again was not a possibility, but I’d want to know her.

She told me, that her neice wanted her to start writing, because, (this part I figured;) )the way she narrates a portion of her life, she makes you feel that you were right with her, when it happened! I told her about my little blog, and how much writing has changed my life! And she said she’ll consider it seriously! I was glad!

After I added her on Facebook, I saw, she had grown up children who were married, and definitely atleast 4-6 years older than me! earlier, I was just impressed, but getting to know more things about her, made her very special to me. I still feel so good, about that metro ride.

My point being, when I saw, Sneh had commented on my blog, I was extremely happy. Everyone’s happy when they get comments, and the like, but for me, it coming from her, felt special!

So, it wasn’t even lunch time, and I was having an Awesome Day already!!

The rest of the day, I just basked in the glory of the comments I had received, and in setting my room!! Now, it has a study table(on which my laptop is NOW!), The red n black curtains, and pink bedspread! I love my room!! 🙂 😀

Also, the sweet super housemate – also plays the guitar – and how! Beautiful! It was so much fun, singing along/humming songs, as she strummed her fingers on her guitar. There’s something really nice about people who play musical instruments, right? 🙂

I did my first blogger meet, earlier this year! And this picture has all the wonderful people I met!!!

Bloggers @ Cafe Turtle, Delhi

There’s Tanvii, Upasana, Sushmita, Anupama and the sweet Katyayini! It was a fun time meeting them!!

236 More to Go!!


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