Day 15 – Hats Off!

06 June 2011.

Its Massey‘s Birthday Today!!! Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Today was a hectic day of sorts. Office in the morning, then had to hurry home, as the Refrigerator Repair Person was to come home at 5. He delayed! Meanwhile, thanks to the bad fridge we couldn’t stock up on vegetables, milk or any such perishable gifts. So, when the maid came to cook dinner, there was nothing with which she could cook it. So, rushed to the vegetable store, and supermarket to get everything she needed.

The Repair person then arrived, at his own convenience at 7! And I sat and watched him dismantle the device and build it back! And through out all this, I thought of Mom! She gets up first in the morning, so that all of us can have breakfast on time.  Before that, she does her rounds to temples or goes to the park for her walk. She then makes breakfast and lunch for all of us. The maid then comes, and mom helps the maid with her work, sometimes redoing what the maid has just cleaned, because, its not as good as she would like it.

Back home, mom and granddad are vegetarian. Dad, brother and me are not. Dad and brother don’t like vegetables in general, as in they would prefer chicken/fish to vegetables anyday. I eat anything [ I think, looking at me, its pretty obvious by now! 😛 ]. So, she makes 2-3 different things for lunch, and again different things for dinner. Everyday. In the midst of all this, paying bills, getting groceries, any repair, any purchase, anything – we all go to mom! And, she without any sort of complaint goes on doing it. From where she derives the strength or patience, I fail to understand.

She does more work than all of us! No, dad also does a lot of work. But dad gets Sunday evening off [ONLY, yes he works for 6 n a half days every week! ] But mom doesn’t even get that. So, why am I really complaining that I have so much work to do? In comparison, I’m doing nothing. There’s a maid, who comes to cook. There’s another maid who cleans. [touch wood] I don’t know, if I’ll ever have that kind of patience. And love. Whenever we have guests, she loves it. She’ll remember almost every-bodies likes and dislikes. She’s an amazing host. She can do anything. She’s sheer genius. The only thing is, she doesn’t know it!

How much I miss her, I can’t even describe, but staying away has made me value her more and more. Hats off to her!

Hats off to all mothers!!

Today’s picture is Mom, when she was in her twenties and today! O god, how pretty she is!

Mommy Dearest

235 More to go!!


3 thoughts on “Day 15 – Hats Off!

  1. I totally agree!! Be it love, warmth, being a friend name anything a mother does for u…I have realised many things what I am missing staying away from her…How I wish I had done many things for her when we were together…Anyway just waiting for that day she comes to my house and I treat her like a princess..Its sort of giving a part of what she has done to me….Miss u mommmaaaa!! mwah…

    Thats a nice article!!! I agree with every sentence u have mentioned abt Shuba aunty….

    1. Sin, totally, you value them so much when u are away! 🙂 I can’t wait for ma to come to me too!! 🙂 🙂

      and sin.. miss u too man!! mwaaaah!!!

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