Day 16 – Dawson’s Creek & House Warming

07 June 2011.

It was Naveen’s Birthday today!! Happy Birthday Sweetie!

In the last post, I was so filled with emotions for Ma, that I skipped mentioning that after aages, I had an amazing long conversation with V. We went on and on with our usual banter. For almost 10 long hours. It was crazy, it was just like old days! also wrote this!! I was updating my daily stories on my Blogger page, and I ended up talking about something else. 🙂

Today, I was missing Dawson’s Creek! The only show, I probably obsessed about. I have written about it earlier – here, here and here. And more. I wanted to see the Finale. “All good things… Must come to an end” I have the complete DVD collection and could watch it anytime I wanted, but I have seen the last few episodes so many times, that the DVD is kinda f*c#ed! I found it on YouTube, with some additions and deletions, nevertheless, I got to see it all over again. How Joey chooses Pacey over Dawson. She loves both of them dearly, one as a girl who she grew up to the concept of love with, and the other whom she falls in love with during her transformation from girl to a woman. 🙂 🙂 I was crying all over again, when Jen dies, and when Joey tells Dawson that they are soulmates, and will be forever, and the way She is trying to tell Pacey that he’s the One! 🙂

Its been three weeks since we moved in to the new place, but we didn’t have a house-warming party! Just 6 of us, doing crazy stuff! So, today, we did! I wish I could write the things we did, and discussed, but, I can’t! So, I’m just leaving it to the blog’s imagination!! 😛 It was super fun though.. Conversations with the right people have a superb effect on you, don’t they?

And since it was Naveen’s Birthday! We sent him a cake and chocolates! The same things I would get for him if I was in Bangalore!! 🙂 🙂 *hug*

Today’s Picture is going to be Random! This image used to be my first Blog Header Image On Blogspot! I ❤ it!

My first Blog Header!


❤ ❤

234 More to Go!!



One thought on “Day 16 – Dawson’s Creek & House Warming

  1. hmmm! i am happy that u r having a gala time with ur friends. it is even nice to know that ur office is also good. in the midst of all this please do not forget about ur self …TAKE CARE

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