Day 17 – Dev D and Guitar Hero!

08 June 2011.

Lot of things happened today. Work, then travel. From Haryana to UP! 😛

Look at me exaggerating!! I just went from Gurgaon to Noida. With him. Things happened today, that I’m praying becomes successful. And won’t discuss it further!

I had some free time during the day, in the car, and so, I sat and watched the Making of Dev D – DVD. The sheer genius of Abhay Deol and Anurag Kashyap letting their cat out of the bag.  How the story came to being. How the camera was used. How the still camera was used for the awesomme drugged effect. To make a movie like Dev D, and for it to become such a fab movie!!

Dev D


For people who have seen Paanch, who can relate to the paintings on the wall, the need to abuse substance etc is not new. I think Paanch should be now allowed to release. Or Maybe there’s a Shaitan in all of us! Can’t wait to catch that movie!! 😀 😀

I reached home, and the fab housemate brought a friend of hers! And again, after a very long time, [6 years maybe] I sat with a guitarist of a band, singing and listening to music. It was Deja Vu! I even recorded a few songs he was playing! When u sit and jam with friends, singing songs, however hectic/tiresome your day has been, just becomes better, doesn’t it? The “Guitar Hero” was simply awesome! Like “A” said, he truly was our very own juke box for an hour! He had an awesome voice as well!

Like I mentioned somewhere before, there’s something about a person who can play a musical instrument, that is sooo appealing! 😉 🙂 🙂

Picture For Today Is a doodle I did eons ago in college!

My I ❤ U Doodle!


233 More Days To Go!! 🙂


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