Day 19 – Shaitan!

10 June 2011.

Remember the love I professed for Anurag Kashyap? So, I ended up watching Shaitan, the day, it released. And, after lot of thought, I think, I am going to review it.

The movie is mainly based on AMY[Kalki Koechlin] and the things that happen around her. Today’s youth, who do crazy things, just for the heck of it, or in Amy’s words, live life in fast forward, because, otherwise life seemed never ending. She meets KC[Gulshan Devaiya] at a wedding, and soon, they become friends. Friendship for them knows no rules and boundaries except for TRUST! KC’s girl wonder Tanya[Kirti Kulhari] is a Model, witha sister who has lots of plans for her. And the other two Parsee[ Neil Bhoopalam] and Dash/Dushyant[Shiv Pandit] who add the Drama. One a video game junkie, and the other a plain Junkie!

Things take a wild turn when they commit a crime. And in the process of bribing a cop, to cover that crime, they end up in a bigger mess. Amy plays the character of a rich spoilt brat who’s still not recovered from her mother’s death brilliantly. The acting and direction is really commendable. However, the story sort of loses steam.

Characters of Shaitan!

Shaitan claims to be dark and intense; I have seen Paanch. That was dark and intense. Shaitan is just a miniature version of Paanch. The cops, Rajeev Khandelwal and Nikhil Chinappa could have been used better. And Rajeev Khandelwal’s story line, is still sort of unclear to me. I will be watching the movie again, and if anything becomes clear by then, I shall update this post.

Overall, I’d give the movie 3.5 for the acting and direction!

I saw it with him! – and I’m feeling a under-current. I am not able to explain it. I’m praying for things to happen. And I wish everyone could say a little prayer, so that things work out. 🙂

Picture For today is a collage of two pictures clicked and edited on the iTouch! SHAITAN!



Cheers to a Friday Evening!

231 More to Go!!


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