Day 20 – Rasam, Huli(sambar) and Rice!

11 June 2011.

I thought it would be just another saturday, where I’d do things, which I can’t do during the week. Like go to the dry cleaners to get Duggu[My big cute soft toy!] or to the multiplex to catch some movie. Instead, I was at home, watching She’s All That! Then, did some reading, and blogging.

Evening came, and I was told, that friends living in the neighborhood building [awesome flat!] that they were cooking. And that they were cooking South Indian Food. Now, these guys are  from Chennai and Bangalore and the like. So, for them, it was making regular food – for 14 people. For me, living away from home since 2 years and a couple of months, eating good south Indian food is a luxury. When I was in Mumbai, it wasn’t a problem, as I had my O-so-lovely relatives, where I could eat home food, and yummy home food at that; that I didn’t miss the food aspect. But since the last 9 months, from the time I’ve moved to Delhi, I have been craving for good south Indian food. Not, that restaurants don’t serve it, its just not authentic enough. And coming from the South of India, I know the difference.

So, went to this friend’s flat, and helped in chopping the veggies for the Huli and Pallya! Then, as Chef Sundaram and Sreya were busy cooking they yummy food, the rest of us were dancing to good bollywood-and some good tollywood music! I love dancing! And yesterday, with such genuine people, it was more fun! We danced for a very long time. And then, stood at the balcony of the flat, discussing, people, across the country. Now, if I haven’t mentioned earlier, this flat is on the 14th floor of the neighboring tower. The view from the balcony is gorgeous!!! I reminds me of Mumbai. It is simply beautiful! And the people that live in that flat, are even better!! 😀

So, by the time, the food was ready, we were all starving. And when the food came, it was attacked! To see North Indians eat using their hands and not spoon was a sight to watch. Plus, the food was soo amazing, that we could say – Ungliyan chhat ke reh jaoge! [ It was finger lickin’ good! ]

The Chef, the hosts, were so gracious, that I couldn’t help but think of mom! The cherry on the cake was Baasundi! It was Delicious!! Amazing! Fantastic. Mom, makes it for me, and it almost tasted the same! I was on the 9th Cloud/7th Heaven [pick your high]!

I missed madhu uncle because the huli was just like how uncle would make it. I missed lakshmi aunty and sathya uncle, because the rasam was just like how they would make it. I missed Pooja and Sindhu because usually, when I eat that food, I’m with them. And the gossip would never end. I missed prutha and pranav who would eavesdrop, to get to know our so called secrets. I miss those days, when we were kids, and stay over at each other’s place [ mostly pooj’s] was after coaxing mom dad a lot, and then when they agreed, it was party time! 😉 I miss getting up in the morning to drink strong filter coffee Vani aunty makes. O god, knowing that, even if I go back to Bangalore today, Pooj and Sin won’t be there is a terrible thought in itself!

Knowing that, next week Pooj is coming to stay with me is a boon! The first stay over after her wedding. Sooooo many things to talk about!!! The last time we did that, was when she came to Mumbai; when she was Miss Pooja, and this time, a Mrs. I love the fact that she’s going to be here. [Pooj, if u’re reading this  come sooooooooooooooooooooon!!] 😀 . Wish Sindhu could come too! But she’s in a far away land – I hope we get to visit her sometime. Pooj n me should plan a trip to Canada! 😉 Sometime next year maybe.

Nostalgia at its peak! Hope, Prayer, Wishes, Friendship, Love, Happiness!

Today’s Pic will Obviously be Pooj, Sin and Me!  I hope I had a picture of the three of us as kids on my laptop! 😦 For now, this will do! 🙂

The Last Few Years Of Us!

230 More to Go!! 🙂


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