Day 21 – SATC and People!

21 June 2011.

Sunday. Another Lazy Sunday.

I was in my own sweet world. On the net, reading, studying and the like. Then, during lunch, I happened to tell one of the housemates that I haven’t seen Sex And The City. I have seen the sequel, but not the first part, nor have I seen the television series. She said I simply HAD to watch it, and played it when we started having lunch.

I sat and saw, the world of Carrie, Miranda,ย Charlotte and Samantha. Friendship, Love and Fashion. It is generally said, that people in Delhi also have a fabulous fashion sense. I agree. Delhi women are always dressed up [can I say dolled up?ย ;)] even when they are going to a mall, or walking at Connaught Place. Not all, most of them. So, For me, I find it a little weird, because invariably I feel under dressed everywhere. I simply detest dressing up. Wear something comfortable, Apply eye-liner/ kajal VOILA! I’m ready! ๐Ÿ™‚

With these thoughts, I took the metro to go see a friend. And saw Fashion in complete glory. I wish I had taken their pictures, but I didn’t. After spending some quality study time, I was returning on the Metro where I saw 3 women sitting next to each other wearing this:


I’ll start with the second girl on the left. She was wearing a black short skirt, a red sleeveless top with a black and white Polka dot dupatta!!

The Girl next to her was wearing a shimmering, over the top sequenced, salwar suit.

The girl on the extreme right – I was seeing her for the 3rd time on a metro. She, I think has a real funky fashion sense. The photograph didn’t capture it right, but she was wearing a pretty pink top, a purple, lavender and white silk-satin harem pants, with brown orange sandals and yellow painted nails. She could actually carry the look beautifully!! The other two, not so much!

Just when I thought, things are getting normal, I saw this!

Sleeping beauty?

This lady was actually sleeping on the Metro!! Now how why? No idea. It was very funny. All the women around had a secret smile on their faces, that they knew it was funny, but didn’t do anything about it. Like I said, people never cease to surprise us!!

Today’s Picture in One of Pooj n Me in Rishikesh!! ย ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Rishikesh Mein DeePooh!

229 More to Go!!


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