Day 23 – Socha Na Tha!

14 June 2011.

I have been a bad girl, I agree! These posts were supposed to come 5 days ago, but I didn’t find time to write it completely. Things have happened, which has been occupying my mind, and hence, I was unfair to the blog! I’ll try my best, that it doesn’t happen again. Can we get back to Tuesday then? 🙂

When I compare today to Monday, nothing spectacular happened. I listened to this song from Socha Na Tha over n over again.


I love this movie. I love watching movies, and I take every opportunity I get to watch them. This particular movie, I saw twice in the theaters. I must have seen it gazillion times after that, on laptop, tv etc; but here I’m going to talk about the 2 times I saw it on the big screen. Please note, when this released, it wasn’t a hit. [ I have wondered soo many times, as to why it wasn’t a hit! ] Imtiaz Ali’s tryst with direction, started with this, and till date, I prefer Socha Na Tha 100 times over Jab we Met and Love Aaj Kal. Both good movies too.

Ok, so back to how I happened to see this movie twice. Pooj and I decided to go watch Bewafaa, because it had Anil Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, and other big actors. It was a matinee show at Cauvery Theater – A place where I have seen sooooooooo many movies when I was younger!! So, we book tickets, go sit in our seats and start talking about someone’s new boyfriend or some guy I text-ed or some third person she found hot!

So, we look up at the screen, and see new faces, and we assume, some trailer of some random movie is playing, and we continue talking. After a good 10 minutes we realize, that its still the same new faces on screen, and not anyone from the star cast of Bewafaa. We ask someone sitting next to us, and that person says, its Socha Na Tha and not Bewafaa!! Both of us go – Ewwwwww. I don’t want to see some member of the Deol Family. We contemplated walking out for about 5 minutes. Then having spent 80 Rupees (for 2 tickets!!) we decided not to waste that money, and sit and watch Socha Na Tha. Our intention being, however bad the movie is, we can at-least make fun of it!! So, through out the movie, we waited for something to happen so we can make fun of it. And the movie got over! Nothing in it, made us want to make fun of it. We actually liked it. This was our very own – Happy Accident! We went to meet a couple of friends after the movie, and we couldn’t stop talking about the movie.

Now one of the friends we met that evening – him – and I were from the same college; and we with few other real good friends decided to do movie and lunch as birthday treat!! 🙂 And when time came to decide on the movie, after lot of arguments, discussions and masti – we decided upon Socha Na Tha!! And the second time, intentionally, I saw one of the most amazing movies Bollywood has produced!! 🙂

Picture For today is Soch! 🙂

Socha Hai!


227 More to Go!!


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