Day 24 – All That Jazz!

15 June 2011.

Wednesday. All I wanted to do today was wait for Thursday. Why, well, You’ll get to know on Thursday’s post!!

It was a long day at work, and then, the roommate told me we’ll be going to another friend’s place to meet someone, whose name was not yet decided. So, all my concentration, was, regarding when I’d get to meet him. So, I left office by 6 and ran home! Well, rode back home 😛

When I got home, I also got to know that Guitar Hero will also be joining us! I have grown to be extremely fond of him. A darling of a guy, and, he never makes you feel, like you have just met him; I felt like I had known him for ages. So, off we went from Haryana to UP! 🙂 To meet 30 day old golden Labrador pup! O, one of the cutest I had seen in a long long time. So, adorable, that we were having a tough time having to share it amongst the 7-8 of us!

Jazz baby all alert to guitar hero's tunes!!


That day, the name wasn’t yet decided – Donut, doodle, vodka, breezer, smirnoff, teacher’s, bruce were all names, that were being considered. And the winner was Jazz! Now, when I look back, jazz seems perfect, for the way he reacted to music! 🙂


Picture for this day is something that might have me killed – but its the sweetest photo-booth montage i could make! 🙂



226 More to Go!!


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