Day 25 – Pooja – Finally!!

16 June 2011.

Today – Pooj arrived to Delhi! Mrs. Pooja Punekar Kulkarni to be precise! I mentioned this last week, about how excited I was, to see her – right?

It was so wonderful to see her! Happily Married! 🙂

So, first it was talking and talking and more talking! You know how it is, when u meet someone who you’ve known all your life, who knows every person involved in your life, and you meet that person after a couple of months? Mayhem! There’s sooo much to talk about, and there are new things too! We got the time to take a nap, and then after HE came, we went out to eat the lavish Buffet at Indijoe’s. Let me just state here, the affinity I have to BJN group of Hotels. I think we must have gone to almost every franchise that they have! Coming back to Lunch with Pooj n Him. It was amazing. So amazing that I over ate, and after the meal, I thought I’ll die! Because of acidity, yes, nevertheless, I’d die. So, we came back home, so that I could take a power nap; however, the conversation didn’t seem to cease, but the pain did![Thank god!]

Then, after considering a lot of places, to go visit, I have no clue why we narrowed down upon Kingdom of Dreams! I like that place, but this was my third time there, and nothing had changed. Except the company, of-course! We also had the DSLR with us, so yaay!! 🙂 [I don’t have the pictures as of yet, but when I do get it, I’ll post some of ’em for sure!]

The culture gully was as beautiful as last time, but we didn’t go till the end. I don’t think Pooj got to see Goa or Kerala! [She’s seen them in real life, so I’m guessing, its alright! 😛 ] Why? Because of A Palmist!! None of us would ever go to a astrologer or a palmist in a normal scenario. But that day, we had 900 rupees to spare, as we weren’t hungry, so we couldn’t spend it on food, so we figured, why not?

Sometime in the previous posts, I’d prayed for something to happen. It didn’t happen. 😦 So, since we didn’t have a sense of direction, we thought, a Palmist would probably say something, which we want to hear!! He got his palm read first. The Palmist – Mr. Bhargav, was pretty accurate! Very accurate infact regarding behavior, past and family. That’s when I decided, I’ll get my palm read too! He was again accurate with things happening in my life, parents and past. So, I want to believe in the future he described. 🙂 Well, after me, Pooj also got her hands read.

Any other day, I would see people go to astrologers et all, and think, what a waste of time and money. I still think that. Not. I don’t know. Maybe I do!

We finished our trip to K-O-D and then, pooj n me, true to ourselves, went on a bike ride, on my activa. We missed doing that! We missed Bangalore, and reminisced about the days we did the same thing back home. After we got back to my place, and post dinner, we sat and spoke to Sin over Skype. I think, till date, it was the craziest, maddest, grossest conversation, I’ve ever had. All three of us were behaving as if we were drunk! Sadly, we weren’t. Still, we behaved like we were. Madness Redefined!

That was my Day 25! 10% done!

Picture for today would be Pooja’s Trip to Mumbai! 🙂 🙂

Pooj n Me in Mumbai!


225 More days to go!!


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