Day 27 – Jynxxx-ed !!

18 June 2011.


Kty wrote about me on 17th – About me blogging everyday! And I hadn’t written, since then! Bad Me! 😦

So, I’m doing something, which I think I’m actually good at, picking up where I left off! 🙂

It was the saturday where I was supposed to be in Rishikesh with Pooj; but since I didn’t go, I was at home, and doing some studies. The roommate n me, have been doing loads of fun things, but there were some common friends, who we hadn’t met in a while. So, we were supposed to meet them, at a club called Jynxxx. When I’d last heard about it, people said, it was not a good enough place, but since another friend, new tat a good DJ is going to play there, we decided to go!



All this seems so far away. Well, it was, a very long time ago! I’m posting it half written!

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