Dear Diary,

This wonderful/horrible predicament I am in, or what I’ve gotten my self into for the last two years of having tons of free me time, has gotten me addicted to watching content on the Internet; which is a good thing coz I love it, and also a scary thing [wish there was a job, that paid me to watch content on the internet, and it wouldn’t be as scary]

So, from stand alone videos, web-series and certain people on YouTube, to shows and movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, ALT Balaji and Voot, the amount of content I’m digesting is vast and diverse. Some are wonderful and heartwarming, some are unbelievable and some are just pure total crap. I realised I have things to say about most of them, and not really review it, but share my opinion, or how it related/felt to me.

Today, for instance, I’ve binge watched at least 8 episodes of Actors on Actors by Variety channel on YouTube.

And it is so insightful. Whether it is Tom Hanks or Frieda Pinto or Natalie Portman or Millie Bobby Brown. What makes them work, what makes them chose roles and how it changes the perception, not only of theirs to the characters they play but also, ours of them.

Film Companion also does a similar take on this, and there is a lot to learn. Common man is not so common, and Actors are not as extraordinary. The unique nature of individuals and shows is something I want to talk about.


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