Keeping it Real with Kanan

Comedy specials are indeed special, because they give us an insight on either the comedians outlook, or ours to life. To be honest, I wasn’t someone who used to follow a lot of comedians or keep track of their shows etc; however, when the comedy scene in India started to form, I was in Bangalore and most of the entertainment involved movies, alcohol or coffee, music and friends. So, going to an open mic to chill wasn’t one of the many things I was doing.

Then, YouTube happened and changed the dynamics of the comedy scene in India. I remember being so excited to go watch my first live show – The Royal Turds – AIB. And during this show, I happened to see Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyan Rath also, and since I was a big fan of Pretentious movie reviews also, and – Problem Kya Hai?!  [so much so that, I went up to them and said it 😦 ] The exponential growth of this industry is commendable to both the comedians and technology.

And now, Amazon signed up with OML artists to showcase their specials on their new streaming website/app – Amazon Prime Video. Me, being me, have consumed all the specials, every single one of them and will at some point talk about all of them. Today I feel is Kanan’s turn, so here goes:

He starts of with family, in fact, his parents start off the show for him, as his mom ends a very sweet phone call with, Keep it Real beta( my guess for why he changed the name of the show). A lot of comedians talk about siblings and being first or second, but Kanan gets it spot on. Again, same with parents, the relate-ability factor is so high that I found myself explaining how to screenshot a conversation on the phone instead of typing/copying msgs to my mom for a good twenty minutes today ( also my reason for writing this post today 😛 )

Recently, when Vir Das spoke about how Americans suffer Donald Trump, like Indians do arranged marriage, it was uncanny and hilarious. However, when Kanan spoke about arranged marriage with respect to Placements in Engineering colleges it struck a bigger cord as a desi Engineer.

Trying out drugs, and starting with prescription ones, is something that is becoming so common nowadays. Almost everyone has tried it at one time on another, and almost every comedian talks/hints of it. I don’t think such an open discussion has ever happened in this part of the world before, and it is brilliant. It needs to be spoken about. Drugs and monkeys do make for strange bedfellows, but he seems to have had a good nights sleep with both.

Kanan keeps it so real, when he talks about setting up time aside for crying. This is a feeling I have, and need not be accurate or even close, but following him on multiple platforms(YT, FB, Blogs, Twitter etc.) has sort of made me feel like he does go through a tough time, or like there isn’t something he’s been able to figure out like everyone else. Like he is confused and dazed and is struggling with Keeping things real. These are issues that again, people need to talk about openly and he has done just that – open the door for conversation. He sometimes feels like your best friend, understanding what you’re going through, and suddenly becomes your counselor giving you sage advice and immediately after gives you a look like YOU are his counselor and he’s waiting for you to reply. Even the bit about Men needing to feel strong comes in this bracket.

The first time, in the beginning of the show, when he mentions his girlfriend, there is a sigh of disappointment that can positively be heard on the video. A collective breaking of so many hearts in the audience. But the level of reality in this is so touching, especially when the conversion of “Don’t leave me becomes, where will you Go?” We haven’t heard a lot of women talking about said relationships in a comedy show, that I really don’t know how it is for the rest of the crowd; but like comedians themselves confess, asking a couple a few questions in the audience is always funny – because more often than not they have set jokes about how it is from the man’s point of view. He uses the same troupe, but ends it by keeping it really real. The practicality of two interesting people turning into a single boring individual is a concept that the good single people need to remember.

This is neither a review nor a critique of any sort [as you must have figured out by now] this was just random ramblings and thoughts that I felt while watching the show, for the second time six days ago.

Lot of other things also happen in the special, like a “rabbery” and metal documentaries. That just made me miss Bangalore so so much more than I already am.

A very special Special Indeed!!


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